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Bush Post Primary School

Every Drop Counts

Poetry Ireland and WorldWise Global Schools Programme 2014-2015

Every Drop Counts: A short film researched, written and edited by some of our 2nd and 3rd year students in conjunction with Poetry Ireland and the Irish Aid WorldWise Global Schools Programme.

The programme was delivered over six 1½ hour sessions to a group of 2nd and 3rd year students and was facilitated by filmmaker Peter Salisbury and teacher Fiona O’Murchú.  In relation to global issues the students selected the topic of water.  They researched the topic and examined access to water in Malawi compared to Ireland. 

From an educational point of view the learning was immense and throughout the programme the students developed and reflected on their responsibilities in relation to water.  They researched and explored water shortage and the right of access to clean drinking water and sanitation. They identified areas where they could make a difference and decided to make the DVD in order to educate others.

The WorldWise programme demonstrated multisensory and active learning at its best by including ICT, film footage, creative writing, reading, and much more.  Skills such as research skills, visual skills, listening skills, interviewing skills, concentration, patience, problem solving and teamwork were all developed.  It also required higher order thinking skills to plan and develop the film – a skill that all students need.  The programme also improved the students’ confidence and self-esteem.

The entire script for the film was written by the students themselves.  They interpreted photographs and film footage of Africa and worked in teams writing, editing, proofreading and making decisions about what was appropriate for inclusion in the film.  They shared information and elected team leaders to feed back to the entire group. They learned how to write a script and how to use a storyboard to sequence their writing.  Students worked on two case studies of African people and how the lack of water impacted on their lives and on their education.

Students experienced the process of how a film is made. They made a voice over and learned about the importance of timing for that skill.  They explored different camera shots such as close up, panning and pieces directly to camera.  They also arranged the setting with backdrop and props.  They became aware of how important tone of voice, body language and appearance are and they did exercises on developing these skills.  They learned about sound and how it moves – reverberation, echo etc.  They learned the importance of keeping silent while recording and also learned about copyright law on music and photographs.

Many thanks to Poetry Ireland and the Irish Aid WorldWise Global Schools Programme who made this programme possible.