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Good Luck to our BT Young Scientist Entrants 2018

This year, Bush Post Primary have 5 groups taking part in the BT Young Scientist competition. We wish them the very best of luck! Below is a brief description of each group's project:


L-R: Darragh Callan, Aaron Carolan

TY students Darragh Callan and Aaron Carolan have invented, developed and prototyped a GAA glove which will eliminate the risks of spraining players’ wrists and fingers. Their design is lightweight and does not add any bulk to the existing design of GAA gloves. In the near future they hope to see their product being worn by GAA clubs nationwide.



L-R: Andrew Moore, Liam O’Donnell, Patrick Johnston

Patrick Johnston, Andrew Moore and Liam O’Donnell are a trio of excellent social scientists in the making. Currently in TY, they are investigating a condition called Trypophobia, or a fear of objects containing lots of small holes. This contemporary phobia has seen a massive explosion in its number of sufferers – at least that’s what people are saying online. The group aim to find out whether or not the phobia is real, or people are just following the crowd with this viral, online fad.



L-R: Michael John Hanlon, Shane McArdle, James McArdle

TY students Michael John Hanlon, Shane McArdle and James McArdle have taken on the onerous task of investigating one of this year’s most controversial news items – the existence of a Gender Wage Gap in Ireland. With the pay packets of TV3’s and the BBC’s highest earners disclosed, along with the USA’s constant mention of women earning 78c for every dollar a man earns, the findings of this project will surely cause these scientists to attract a lot of attention from believers and non-believers alike.



L-R: Deirbhile O’Doherty, Demi Mulligan, Katie McGrath

Deirbhile O’Doherty, Demi Mulligan and Katie McGrath are three TY students who are working to open up Ireland’s eyes to the opinions its population holds on one of the least spoken about topics – abortion. Through the use of a large scale survey, the girls aim to find out the differences in opinion that men have on abortion, compared to the opinions that women hold. The conclusions drawn from their project will have a large impact on the current talks regarding holding a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution.



L-R: Brendan Woods, Ciarán Murphy, Gary Murphy

5th year sports scientists Gary Murphy, Brendan Woods and Ciarán Murphy are well under way in their research and testing to discover whether wearing a fitness tracker (Fitbit, Apple Watch etc.,) has a positive effect on a person’s fitness. By looking at whether fitter people are more likely to buy fitness trackers and measuring the change in exercise routines of wearers of the trackers the group hope to come to a definite conclusion on whether or not trackers improve fitness. Maybe don’t buy that fitness tracker until the January sales, when the group’s findings will be published and on display.