Friendship Anti-bullying Week: November 26th to November 30th 2018

Bush Post Primary School’s ‘Friendship Week’ took place from 26th-30th November, 2018. The school’s Anti-bullying Team organised a number of events across the week.  External speakers from the ‘Bully 4 U’ organisation addressed the issue of bullying and in particular, cyber bullying and cyber safety with all first and second year students.

In our Digital Media Literacy classes, two members of the school’s Anti-bullying team, Mr Brennan and Mr Malone, spoke to all first and second year students about staying extra safe on line. In SPHE lessons, the school’s anti-bullying programme was taught to all students in years 1-3.

Another member of our Anti-bullying Team, Mr Bellew, co-ordinated the completion of a whole school, on-line, anti-bullying survey to give every Bush Post Primary School student the opportunity to report bullying of themselves or of other students. All ‘yes to bullying’ responses were followed up by the relevant Year heads and all matters arising were addressed. The week’s activities were excellent and were very well received by students.