YSI Speak Out Event

Comhghairdeas 🏆

55 TY students attended a regional Speak-Out event in the Barbican Theatre in Drogheda on Friday. It was a hugely enjoyable event for our three Young Social Innovators teams who were given the opportunity to speak out about the social issues that concern them.

Congratulations to the blood donation team in particular who were acknowledged and awarded by YSI for their creative use of props in their performance. 

The three teams put their acting skills to the test and performed short pieces on stage in front of a panel of 4 judges. The teams had to effectively communicate the social issue they are addressing, why they are addressing that particular issue and the innovative actions they are taking to address the issue. 
The blood donation group performed a piece using the analogy of the social media platform Tinder with the idea of swiping left and right to find your perfect ‘blood’ match. A very funny and creative performance indeed. The blood donation group held a successful blood clinic at our school with a turn-out of over 100 donors. 
The Let’s talk about consent team recreated a classroom scenario where the students discussed the issue of sexual consent using a suitable metaphor of swimming. A humorous performance with a serious message effectively communicated. This group are in the process of creating a podcast and an animated video to share their ideas on why consent must be communicated and also how consent can be communicated. 
The farm safety group performed a piece illustrating the dangers farmers face on their farms daily. Another dramatic performance. This group invited a representative from the IFA into our school to explain farm safety issues to the students and the group are currently producing a booklet around farm safety.

Congratulations to all the students involved and we hope that all three teams make it to the finals held in May. 

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