Wellbeing Week in Bush PPS

Wellbeing Week was promoted and run this year by the Student Council with the assistance of Jemma Mulligan 5th Year, Rionagh Donnelly, Emma McArdle and Kara O’Connor in TY. The week kicked off with a visit by Sponge Bob and Goofy distributing goodies to students arriving off their school buses. Positive affirmations were on display on our Positivity Wall and First Year students entered a poster competition depicting what made them feel happy. Their colourful efforts were on display around the school. The Joke of the Day gave teachers the opportunity to showcase their comedic talents to their students.

 On Shrove Tuesday, the staff were treated to pancakes and all plates were well polished by end of break. Many students and teachers took the opportunity to pose in our Instagram photo booth which was available throughout the week.

On Wednesday, we had a visit from Inter County Gaelic footballer Shane Carty to share his story of dealing with depression. It was generous of him to be so open about the difficulties he experienced and his road to recovery. His talk was inspirational and the young people who listened were enthralled.

On Thursday our First year students enjoyed a quiz in the afternoon and had fun guessing the identities of the beautiful babies in the Guess the teacher round. It was amazing how little some of the teachers had changed!!!! 

Our parents weren’t neglected either, as they enjoyed their day out in Croke Park and raised the Sam Maguire. They even tried out the President’s seat in the Hogan stand.

On Thursday evening, Richard Hogan physiotherapist and teacher gave a very informative talk on Gaming and Young People with lots of good advice on how to reduce screen time.

On Friday at lunchtime, staff and students battled it out on the football field with the 6th years claiming a narrow victory. The week ended with the Fun Run for SOSAD organised by Mr. Paul Malone ably assisted by 5th year students. The students raised 1,164 euro for this worthy cause. It was a wonderful ending to a fun filled week.

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