5th Year Link Modules class visit to Bellurgan Precision Engineering.

The 5th Year Link Modules class, accompanied by their teacher Ms. O’Connor, had the opportunity to visit Bellurgan Precision Engineering recently as part of an enterprise visit out. Paul Kelly, engineer with the company and a group of engineers met with the students and gave a presentation on the company and its innovative products. The company manufactures precision machined components and sub assemblies. It is dedicated to providing a world class service to customers in the medical device, aircraft interior, electronics and industrial sectors. The students were shown a sample of some of the precision machined components manufactured in Bellurgan and examined them under the guidance of the engineers. The students then put on safety glasses and high vis jackets and went on a tour with Paul around the factory floor. Paul was an excellent guide and informed the students of the products manufactured on the floor and how the machines operate. The students learned about the different production methods used to produce the components and the importance of quality control. They observed the employees at work and saw first hand a production meeting take place on the factory floor.

Following the tour, the students had time to chat with the engineers over tea and muffins! Before leaving, Paul took a photo of the class. The visit out was a fantastic learning experience for the students and enjoyed by everyone.  

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