This week (18th - 22nd November 2019) in our school, our annual LGBTI+ week took place. Our theme for the week was "Nobody would have toComeOut, if everybody chose to "Come In"". We have an inclusive school environment and pride ourselves on our support structures that connects staff and students.

Each morning in Assembly, students were given key messages by their Year Head. Some examples of these messages were:

  1. Being aware of our language we use in our school, especially in a joking way.  
  2. Students were also reminded about our Anti-Bullying Poilcy and our safe space for students to visit at lunchtime.
  3. Students were also reminded that we have school Councillors on site, who are trained to listen and support all students.
  4. It is important to note that all staff members are your ally, we will always listen.

Other Wellbeing related events which took place this week included:

SPHE classes covered LGBTI+ topic. 

LGBTI+ Flag flying at the front of the school 

Come IN – banner displayed in front hall.  

Pictures hung around the school of LGBTI+ Celebrities. 

LGBTI+ Wall decorated with positive messages and information. 

Staff wore in Rainbow colours into school on Thursday to raise awareness.

Face Painting Friday – students could get rainbows painted on their face at lunchtime.   


Thank you to all teachers and students who took part in another very successful week.