Resource Pack - Supporting Parents & Families Through the Days & Weeks Ahead

Please click here, or on the image below, to view the full downloadable PDF of the resource pack for parents and families during the Covid-19 crisis. The resource pack includes support and advice on the following:

  • Support and Advice for Expectant Parents
  • Promoting Toddler’s Social & Emotional Development: Child Directed Play
  • The Changing Lives Initiative: An Innovative App on ADHD to Support Families
  • Reconnecting as a Family
  • Managing Home Schooling Effectively
  • Structures & Routines
  • Managing Children’s Anxiety
  • Managing Your Child’s Safety Online during COVID-19
  • Speaking to Your Child about Covid-19/Current Situation
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • Building Resilience and Keeping Children Mindful
  • The Genesis Program
  • Contact Informationsupporting parents resource pack Page1