Covid-19 Information & Advice

 The Department of Education and Skills’ NEPS psychologists have developed advice and some resources for young people to manage and stay well when schools are closed.

Please click here to visit the Departments webpage where you can find additional resources, including advice for young people, sample plans for the day and relaxation techniques.


Stay Active & Connected


Stay Responsible & Informed 


Stay Positive & Calm 


Parents’ Guide: Supporting your Child’s Daily Routine while Schools are Closed 


Parents’ Guide: 10 Tips for Parents on Supporting Daily Routines 

Please click on the links below for information, support and advice for parents and families during the Covid-19/CoronaVirus crisis:

Covid-19 Advice Poster

Chief Medical Officer's Letter to Parents

NSE Covid-19

Department of Education & Skills Website & Guidelines


Support Information for Parents and Families Supporting Children during the Covid-19 crisis:

Support Information and Advice - The Dept. of Education and Skills

Support Information and Advice - The Genesis Project

Plan Your Day Template

Internet Safety: Webwise

Louth Child & Family Support Services


Advice for Young People

Advice to Young People while Schools are Closed - The Dept. of Education & Skills

NEPS Relaxation Techniques