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Bush Post Primary School


HSCL - Home School Community Liaison

Olivia Cosgrove was appointed to the post of HSCL in 2019. Her role is to support and work with parents to strengthen the link between home, school and community. The aim is in encouraging parents to feel part of the school community and an essential partner in the education of their children. Her work will involve home visits, the provision of classes for parents and providing opportunities for parents to feel greater involvement in their school community.

Home visits by the HSCL are to assist parents/guardians with any concerns regarding their child’s education, particularly in relation to attendance. Coordinators spend at least one third of their time on Home Visits. The scheme identifies needs and puts appropriate responses in place. The scheme links families with local voluntary community and statutory agencies. A number of classes are provided for parents. These can range from hobbies and interests to classes and courses on parenting and child development. You can brush up on your Irish or maths in order to help your son/daughter in these areas.

In 2021-2022

Planned for 2022-2023


Attendance is a key part to the role of HSCL. Olivia makes the connection by phone, meeting in school, or visiting the home, to provide support to any parent of a student with poor attendance.
‘Every School Day Counts’
We encourage all our students to be Bush HEROs. To be
Here Every Day Ready for class On Time
Full attendance each year is rewarded by the presentation of a Star Participant Award at our annual Awards ceremony. Monthly awards will be presented to students with full attendance or best improved attendance.

To encourage good attendance, Year Heads will be sending letters to parents of students who have been absent for a concerning length of time.

Our Parents Association is an active and supportive partner in Bush Post Primary.

Through its fundraising activities, it has contributed greatly to the life of the school and the enhancement of facilities for our students. It assists in policy formation The Parents Association works with Principal, HSCL, staff and Board of Management to maintain effective co-operation and partnership between home and school.

Hi, my name is Olivia Cosgrove and I am the Home School Community Liaison Officer in Bush Post Primary School. My job is to strengthen the links that exist between home and the school and to support parents as their child progresses through the school.

My role in the school involves:

Please keep an eye on the School website and for posters on social media for upcoming courses and activities.

I am available in the school every day. Please feel free to call me for a chat. Your child’s Year Head is always the first point of contact. I can be contacted by call on the school office number 0429376246.