Bush Post Primary School


The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme is designed to meet the needs of those who would not be adequately catered for sitting the traditional Leaving Certificate. Its goal is to prepare Leaving Certificate participants for transition from the world of school to that of adult and working life.

Leaving CertificateThose who opt for L.C.A are afforded an opportunity to develop in terms of responsibility, self-knowledge and most importantly self-esteem. The use of active teaching and learning methodologies across the curriculum promotes qualities that are essential to the development of an individual with an enterprising outlook, self-confidence, responsibility, teamwork, problem solving, decision making and initiative.Work experience provides an invaluable opportunity to apply and further develop these qualities.

Programme Structure:

The L.C.A is a two-year course that consists of three main areas: Vocational Preparation, Vocational Education and General Education.Arange of courses is provided within each of these elements, each designed on a modular basis. Each year of the two-year course is divided into two sessions, September to January and February to June to help with the modular structure. A module is usually completed within a session. Over the two years the participants will complete 44 modules.