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Bush Post Primary School

LCA Calendar

(Provided by the State Examinations Commission)   

Session 1 Year 1 & Session 3 Year 2   


Issue of Practical Achievement Booklet   

Issue of year 1 Examination Results   

Viewing of Scripts for Year 1 candidates   

Deadline for appeal of Year 1 results   


Issue of Appeal Results for Year 2 candidates   

Issue of LCA forms ENT.LCA.l and ENT.LCA.2 which capture task & final exam   

details for Yr 1 and Yr 2 candidates (to be completed and returned immediately)   


Issue of Appeal Results for Year 1 candidates   


Circulation of Oral Guidelines. Distributions of Timetable of Final Exams   

Issue of LCA Certificates   


Notification of February Task arrangements   

Year 1 candidate numbers assigned   

Practical Coursework Design Briefs -Graphics/Construction,   

Engineering, Technology, Childcare/Community Care, Craft & Design circulated to   


 Issue of Personal Reflection Task Guidelines   



Session 2 Year 1 & Session 4 Year 2   


February Tasks   

LCA 1 (module) forms for Session 1 and 3 to be completed and returned immediately   

on receipt.   


Circulation of Format of final exams   

Practical Performance Assignment Briefs (Hotel Catering and Tourism, Office   

Administration Customer Care, Active Leisure Studies, Health & Beauty and   

Agriculture/Horticulture) circulated to schools/centres   


Notification of May Task arrangements   

Issue of Session 1 and Session 3 results   

Appeal deadline for February Tasks   


May Tasks   

IT practical performance and written test (set up instructions to issue ahead of   

question papers) LCA practical performance tests (Hotel Catering Tourism, Active   

Leisure Studies, Office Administration & Customer Care, Agriculture/Horticulture,   

Hair and Beauty)   

LCA Oral Exams   

LCA 1 (module) forms for Session 2 and 4- to be completed and returned   

immediately on receipt.   

Schools instructed regarding appointing Superintendent for Year 1 languages   

Distribution of P2 rolls for Practical Coursework exams and identity labels for   


PRT rolls for Year 1 and Year 2 issued to schools with instruction for immediate return   

Completion and return of Personal Reflection Tasks.   


Terminal Exams   

Assessment of practical coursework (Engineering, Graphics & Construction,   

Childcare/Community Care, Craft & Design and Technology)   


Issue of Year 2 Examination Results   

Viewing of Scripts for Year 2 candidates    Deadline for appeal of Year 2 results