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Bush Post Primary School

Microsoft Incubator School

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you. Our school has been accepted as a Microsoft Incubator School.

Microsoft Incubator Schools are part of a prestigious program aimed at fostering innovation and digital excellence in education. This partnership will offer us access to cutting-edge resources, training, and support directly from Microsoft. Here’s what you can expect:

Advanced Technology Integration: We will have access to the latest Microsoft tools and technologies, empowering both teachers and students to leverage digital resources for enhanced learning experiences.

Professional Development: Microsoft will provide specialized training and workshops for our teaching staff, helping us stay at the forefront of digital education.

Curriculum Enhancement: We will be able to integrate Microsoft’s educational solutions into our curriculum, creating engaging and interactive lessons.

Collaboration Opportunities: Our school will have the chance to collaborate with other Incubator Schools, sharing best practices and innovative ideas in education.

Access to Experts: We’ll have access to Microsoft experts who can provide guidance and support in implementing technology effectively in the classroom.

Bush Post Primary School now joins a group of premier schools from around the world who are focused on expanding their digital curriculum. Over the coming years, teachers will become qualified as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and Microsoft Innovative Experts and will join an elite group of forward-thinking Educators globally.  Being a Microsoft Incubator school places our students in a very advantageous position creating many possibilities for improved learning and prepares our young people for a wide variety of employment opportunities.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our school to stay at the forefront of educational technology and provide our students with the best possible learning experiences.