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Bush Post Primary School

Structure of LCA

The Leaving Certificate Applied is structured around three main key  areas;   

  1.  Vocational Preparation,   

2. Vocational Education   

3. General Education   

These three elements are interrelated and interdependent.  This programme is characterised by educational experiences of an active,   practical and student-centred nature.   


How is the programme structured?   

Each year of the programme is divided into two sessions. Therefore there  are four sessions throughout the two years. Each two –year cycle is  broken up as follows   

Year 1  Session 1   

September – January   

Year 1  Session 2   

February – June   

Year 2 Session 3   

September- January    

Year 2  Session 4   

February – June   



  • The course is made up of modules. Modules are short programmes  of study from various subjects that are   

offered in the programme.   

  • Key Assignments must be completed at the end of each module. 
  • Credits will be awarded for successfully completed key assignments   
  • Each student must have 90% attendance during each session of the  course.  
  • Credits will not be awarded to students who do not have  90% attendance   


What is a Student Task?   

  A student task is a practically orientated activity, which takes the  student a minimum of 10 hours to complete. There are seven tasks to be  completed over the two- year course. Each student must prepare a  written report on each task completed. A maximum of 10 credits can be   awarded for each task.   An examiner from the Department of Education will visit the school and interview the students on their task.

Work Experience   

Students will attend Work Experience every Friday over the course of the 2 yrs. Placements may change in line with the change of sessions. We would advise that students have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 placements.