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Bush Post Primary School

Assessment in LCA

Final Examinations   

Although the Leaving Cert Applied is predominantly a course based on  continuous assessment each student will sit final exams in a number of  subjects in June of the second year. These are the subjects   

1. English and Communications – 12 credits   

2. Social Education – 10 credits   

3. Languages (French and Irish) – 6 credits each   

4. Vocational Specialisms  – 12 credits each   

5. Mathematical Applications – 10 credits   


Assessment and Certification   


A maximum of 200 credits can be awarded over the two-year programme.   This includes credits for completion of assignments at the end of  modules, Tasks and final examinations. The breakdown is as follows:   


                                                                       Credits       %  

Satisfactory Completion of Modules        62               31%   

  7 Student Tasks                                             70                  35%   

 Final Examinations                                         68                  34%  

  Upon successful completion of the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme  students shall receive a certificate from the Department of Education  and Science. There are 3 levels of award as outlined below  ;

  Pass  120-139 credits  (60%-69%)   

Merit    140-169 credits   (70%- 84%)   

Distinction   170- 200 credits   (85%- 100%)