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Bush Post Primary School

Our Vision for Transition Year. 

Bearing the school vision statement in mind, the Transition Year team in Bush Post Primary aim to have an excellent Transition Year programme where staff and students work together to create a memorable, valuable and worthwhile year. The programme aims to allow students to reach heights that heretofore they would not have thought possible. The Transition Year programme in Bush PP aims to help students to grow in self- confidence, discover new talents, learn new skills, mature, believe in themselves and to have experiences that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to have. The emphasis will be on individual growth and it is our aim to see students who have grown beyond belief in their outlook, attitude, and maturity. 



The overall aims of Transition Year are to: 

  • Encourage our students to develop life skills that will best prepare them for the world of work and community involvement beyond their school years.
  • Develop the capacity of our students to learn independently with a self-directed approach to their learning by developing an awareness of their own educational needs.
  • Provide our students with opportunities to broaden their educational experiences beyond the classroom within a safe working environment.
  • Facilitate a smooth transition from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle.
  • Help students develop & mature in a positive learning environment. 
  • Promote self-motivated learning. 
  • Encourage students to be ‘learning focused’ rather than ‘exam focused’. 
  • Provide a diverse, balanced & enjoyable curriculum. 
  • Provide students with the opportunity for experiential learning. 
  • Encourage students to learn empirically as well as theoretically. 
  • Encourage self-evaluation and review.
  • Enable students to experience a wider world through networking with other schools and social agencies. 
  • Develop students’ life skills.
  • Gain an awareness of the various strands of society. 
  • To enable students to grow in maturity and self-confidence
  • Help students develop the social and communication skills necessary to live in the modern world
  • Enable students to understand and experience the world of work, business and technology
  • Allow students to gain a solid foundation for the Leaving Certificate.
  • Explore possible career choices for the future with students and enable them to have a goals to aim for.
  • Manage the constructive use of leisure time.
  • Build up their self-esteem.
  • Develop students  socially, personally, physically, spiritually and academically through involvement in a broad range of activities
  • Facilitate students to acquire skills that they may not otherwise have the chance to acquire