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Bush Post Primary School

LCA Programme Aims In BPP

  • To meet the needs of those students who are not adequately catered for by other Leaving Certificate programmes.   
  • To prepare learners for the demanding transition to adult and working life and to provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills of  self-reliance, self-knowledge, communication and decision-making.   
  • To recognize the talents of all learners; the programme is responsive to the aptitudes, abilities, needs and interests of students.   
  • To provide a student-centered curriculum that develops literacy, numeracy and teamwork skills within students, via active teaching and learning strategies/methodologies.   
  • To aid the personal and social development of all students.  
  • To prepare the student for life after school, the working world and  adult life. 
  • To develop the student’s social awareness and capacity to   communicate with others in work/social environments.   
  • To provide students with access to further education and training   
  • To assess the progress of the students on an ongoing basis.  Students are assessed throughout the 2 years.